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5 Tips for Choosing a Wedding Theme

Narrow down your wedding theme options with a few quick and easy tricks!

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A wedding theme is a great way to incorporate your personalities and lifestyle into your wedding day (plus, it’s kind of fun!). With a long list of options, it can feel overwhelming choosing the perfect theme for your big day. Google the phrase “wedding theme” and you’ll see over a million search results pop up. Before going down the rabbit hole of wedding themes, we’ve got a few tips and tricks to help make the selection process a little easier.

1. Visualize your venue

Your venue can be a great source of inspo! Looking at their layout, colors, location, and aesthetic can set the foundation for your theme. Colorado has a large variety of venues to choose from: ski resorts, mountainside venues, rustic barns, mansions, modern and eclectic event centers located in the heart of the city, train stations....the list goes on! We suggest checking out your venue’s Instagram account to see how they’ve set up past weddings. In short, try to have your theme align with the venue’s style!

2. Take a peek into your personal style

Take a look around your own home. Are you a couple that prefers light, airy, and softer tones or do you like to be bold with pops of bright and daring colors? You don’t necessarily have to match your wedding to your apartment or home per say, but it does help to narrow in on your preferences. Not sure what your style is? Ask some friends! Make it a fun activity by asking them the following questions: What’s my style? What are my favorite colors? How would you describe my personality? What about my partners’ style?

3. Include your partner

Don’t forget to include your other half in the conversation, details, and decision making! Do they have any preference on how they’d like for the wedding to look and feel? Involving your partner is a great way to take the stress off planning the wedding and making it more of a partnership approach. Grab a bottle of wine, a notebook, and make a date night out of it! That way, when you look back on your wedding, you’ll both be happy with the choices you made!

4. Your good friend, Pinterest

Oh, how we love the wonderful world of Pinterest! You already have your inspo boards for your dress, bridal party attire, florals, decor, and invites, so why not take a step back from the pinning and take inventory of what types of images you’ve saved? Are your florals big and bold or soft and subtle with hints of pastels? What colors and styles are you leaning towards for your wedding party? You might be surprised to find that you already have a theme or color palette you’re interested in. And if you haven’t yet gone “pin crazy”, it’s not too late to start! Of course, make sure to give yourself a break from all the pretty photos and come back to reality every once in a while :)

5. Ask your planner

If you have a wedding planner, don’t be shy asking what they think! They’ve been in the business much longer than you’ve been planning a wedding, which should be a comforting thought! They’ve seen trends come and go, have coordinated the most magical and memorable weddings, and many times have a great eye for design and detail (p.s. we LOVE working with wedding planners!). They may even have some great insight, tips, and suggestions on what vendors can help provide the perfect decor setup for you!

Need help deciding what decor goes best with your wedding theme? We’re always happy to help our couples select the perfect items for their big day. Whether you’re looking to have a romantic garden wedding, a mountainside rustic affair, or a boho chic party, we’re here to make your wedding day memorable. Check out our Inspiration Page for wedding theme-worthy decor items!

Contact us to reserve the perfect decor for your wedding theme today!

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